Guide to Choosing Your Jewelry Setting

Each cut of gemstones can be secured in your jewelry setting in different styles. 

Because I'm someone who is very particular with their jewelry, it is important to me that customization is available for you to personalize your own jewelry. 

Round Cut

Oval Cut

Pear Cut

Marquise Cut

Emerald Cut

Trillion Cut

Cushion Cut

Princess Cut

Round Prongs: Small, button-like. This style of prong is classic, elegant and a great option when you are in doubt. 

Claw Prongs: Pointed tip. This style adds a subtle edgy element. With the elongation of the point, claw prongs cover the gemstone slightly more. 

Round vs Claw Prongs

  • Both styles secure your stone safety. Claw prongs are more secure as it holds down by covering more of the stone. 
  • Round prongs are less prone to snagging than claw prongs.
  • Round prongs are classic and a safe choice when you don't have a strong preference or when choosing for a gift.
  • Round prongs can make your stone size appear larger. 

Choose the option you're drawn to most! Both are great and secure choices.

How do I choose how many prongs for my gemstone?

  • Each gemstone cut has specific available options that you can choose from that was shown above.
  • With a gemstone with a pointed edge, it's safest to protect those edges with a prong.
  • The least amount of prongs will showcase more of your gemstone as less of it is covered. With larger gemstones, this factor doesn't need to be considered as heavily. 

Mainly, choose the option that is most appealing to you!


Enjoy personalizing your jewelry!

P.S. I'm always here to assist if you need me.