Hello from Nhu!

I am the founder of NHU Jewelry and the sole designer and maker.

I design elegantly bold jewelry for gemstone lovers to wear everyday and confidently shout out, “This is me!” 


My designs are for people who wear jewelry as a form of self expression to make a personal statement.

I’m inspired to design pieces for you to build your own jewelry with gemstones that draws you in, gives you a special feeling, resonates with you, and helps you stand out.



Connecting with YOU

I love working one-on-one with my clients to source their dream gemstones. I'm dedicated to understanding what you're looking for and to provide images and videos to help you choose your gemstones in this era of online shopping. If you have a hard time deciding how to pair build your own settings and gemstones, I am here to support you through that process too. Contact me here, I'd love to connect with you! 

High Quality

I source ethical gemstones from trusted vendors in Canada, USA, and Australia. I love uniquely cut gemstones and bringing exposure to the color variations gemstones come in. I only use precious metals sourced from Canada and the USA to create high quality, life-lasting jewelry.

Your Experience

I value your unboxing experience and I aim to make it memorable. With eco-friendly packaging, you can choose to keep the elements or recycle them guilt-free.  

My goal is that when you open your NHU Jewelry boxes, you can wear your personalized jewelry pieces all the time and feel confidently you!  As a bonus, your jewelry will be a great conversation starter.


My jewelry making journey started with my obsession with sapphires and interest in cutting gemstones. I was looking for a fun hobby to spend my free time from my nursing work and dived all the way back to my childhood.

I was a rocks and mineral collector. I even had my own rock polishing tumbler that my mom hesitantly purchased for me and liked to remind me how much electricity it used. Every time my mom took me to the mall, I had to come home with a new rock.

Now future me wanted to collect and play with sparkly faceted gemstones and had thought I could be a gem cutter and cut the beautiful stones for jewelry making. My obsession with sapphires started with excessively loving the blue color, particularly a teal blue, and the idea of having a unique engagement ring with a nonconventional teal blue sapphire.

I went to Arizona with a friend to look for this dream sapphire and learn about the gem cutting industry. There I found the perfect teal blue sapphire but not in my dream cut, but I had to buy it anyways. With this gorgeous loose gemstone in my hands, what was I going to do with it?

Having some extra time off work, I decided to learn how to make jewelry with the goal to create a piece with the sapphire that confidently expresses me. If you love jewelry that allows for your personal preference and style to stand out, my build your own jewelry pieces are for you!


Build Your Own Special Jewelry